1950s Vintage Fashions at Daylesford Amazing Mill Markets

September 30 2013
Vintage fashion 1950's Daylesford Mill Markets

Vogue 1958

1950's Vintage Fashion Daylesford

1950’s Fashion

The Amazing Mill Markets has a fantastic collection of 1950s vintage fashions at Daylesford.

The old adage what is old is new again might best summarize why vintage clothing is always in style. The fashion of the 1950’s was beautiful, feminie and figure flattering. The origins of 1950s fashion began with Christian Dior’s “New Look,” which consisted of a below-mid-calf length full-skirt, small waist and rounded shoulder line. Another reason why 1950’s clothing is always popular is because of the quality of the fabrics used.

During the 1950s new synthetic and easy-care fabrics were introduced such as drip-dry nylon, orlon, acrylic, polyester, triacetate, spandex and Dacron which could retain heat-set pleats after washing.

Next time you visit the Amazing Mill Markets make sure you take to time to look through the unique collection of 1950s vintage fashions at Daylesford. The Amazing Mill Markets is open from 10am to 6pm every day except Christmas day.