Guest Blog by Little Yellow Cat

April 13 2014

We are delighted to re-publish this blog post from Jen at Little Yellow Cat:

I’ve been back at work for two weeks now and my holiday had definitely worn off.

We went on a few day trips during our time off including a drive up to Daylesford to visit the Amazing Mill Markets. There are three Mill Markets located in Geelong, Daylesford and Ballarat and they are very similar to what they call antique malls in the US. I’ve been to the Daylesford and Ballarat markets. Daylesford has a lot more stuff but they are both great.

There is always a lot of depression glass and I’m particularly fond of uranium glass with its weird, ghostly glow.

During our visit I was particularly taken by this glowing orange glassware. Although it appears to be glowing, I’m pretty sure it’s just due to the lighting built into the top of the display cabinet – but it does look very effective.

I was also drawn to what was labelled as a ‘French fashion doll’. I remember buying these at country shows in the 1980?s so I think it’s more likely to be made in Taiwan than France. I was too polite to flip her upside down and look for a label under her skirt.

We ended up buying some knitting patterns (of course) and a pair of tweed covered armchairs. Geoff tested them out before purchase, and the testing experience was apparently enhanced by the addition of a stovepipe hat.

Now the cat has claimed both of the chairs and it doesn’t matter which one you want to sit on, he’s sure to be sleeping on it.

It was a nice day out and Daylesford is only a short drive away. I really wish I was on holiday again.

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