Introducting Brickheads Lego at The Amazing Mill Markets Geelong

April 22 2014

Up at Stall 104, we believe there’s nothing more important than to keep collecting. Remember growing up with Star Wars, Lego, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Trek? We do, and we’ve never stopped enjoying our collecting. It’s important to be surrounded by the things you love, even when they’re figures from phenomenal texts – well, especially when they are!

Being collectors too, we understand how important this is and we take pride in our pieces. We make sure our prices are affordable and are ones we would happily pay. The importance of keeping that part of your life alive is great, even when you decide to label yourself a ‘collector’ so you can keep buying what the others call ‘toys’ (I know, right?).

So come down to the Amazing Mill Markets Geelong and share our passion of collecting, and being surrounded by collectors who feel the same way you do! Each week, new items of all descriptions are being added to the stall. Recently we have had a huge amount of Phantom comics arrive as well as huge Star Wars 12” figures and that’s just an example of more to come!

Many of our items are limited edition, are rare and are no longer in production or available at any stores. We take delight in all of our products, they being the types of things we love collecting! We try to only source the best items, such as the highly collectable Star Wars figures we currently stock and make sure that they are all new in box and as mint condition as possible! We are Brickheads Lego and we love being Brick Heads!”

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