Vintage scientific wonders, antique firearms and more from Stall 910

July 6 2014

Stall 910 is a new arrival at the Mill Markets Geelong with a steadily growing collection
of some very unique and unusual items. The collection is themed towards the scientific and technical. Whether old or new all pieces at Stall 910 are real and authentic.

As a collector with a keen interest in some of the more abstract aspects of science, history and technology, what stallholder Jarrod has to offer is an interesting and unexpected collection of items that appeal to inquiring and curious minds. The main points of focus are:

Scientific instruments & equipment

Framed insects & taxidermy

Rocks, crystals & fossils

Antique firearms

Military collectables

Surplus cold war & civil defence equipment

Models & display pieces such as sterling engines & live steam

Aviation & maritime collectables

The space is constantly evolving and expanding as the collection steadily grows but it currently includes insect taxidermy specimens, various working model engines, a variety of antique firearms and militaria, Cold War era, civil defense equipment, scientific models, vintage electrical equipment and antique scientific instruments.

The collection will continue to expand to include restored pieces and more unique models and equipment, taxidermy and scientific equipment.

Stall 910 offers an Amazing range of interesting antique and vintage pieces and is a welcome new arrival at The Mill Markets Geelong.


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