The Amazing Mill Markets and the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival make a perfect match!

July 28 2014

Fabulous garagenalia and petrolnalia is available at each of the three The Mill Markets venues. We have everything from original petrol bowsers and oil cans to retro-style number plates and garage signs. Why, you might even find a Vespa style headlight lamp at one of our venues at Ballarat, Daylesford and Geelong! Meanwhile, The Geelong Revival Motoring Festival’s focus is on promoting motoring culture. With an open-minded approach to what’s cool in the area of classic, retro, performance, prestigious or just plain odd. If it has a link to anything motoring, the folks the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival are interested!

So it is probably no surprise that we have teamed up with Geelong Revival Motoring Festival to bring a very special guest to The Mill Markets Geelong at 114 Bellarine Highway, Newcomb.

Thanks to Geelong Revival, a 1964 SAAB 96 Sport Replica is now on display inside the venue.

This spectacular vehicle features an 841 cc, 3 cylinder, 2 stroke engine with a 4 speed, column change manual transmission with free wheel. The exterior has been repainted in SAAB Savannah Brown with genuine SAAB Sport exterior trim. This Amazing display was made possible by the vehicle’s own, Scott Pigdon.

Geelong Revival Motoring Festival takes place at the Geelong waterfront this November 28 – 30.


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