Introducing Dandelion Wood, Barley Corn Vintage Finds and Rustic Boutique PART THREE

August 13 2014

In this third and final post of the series introducing you to the wonderful paint world of Dandelion Wood and Barley Corn Vintage Finds, we give you a preview of Rustic Boutique:

At Rustic Boutique we love all things Vintage, Shabby, Rustic and the list goes on, but we are really passionate about upcycling old furniture and vintage wares. Old furniture is often discarded or dismissed as aged and out of date but these pieces are generally solidly made and beautifully crafted. Old piece also tell a tale of the past and carry their own history with them which we think is priceless.

We NEVER judge a book (or a cupboard) by its cover because if you can look past the external veneer or appearance of an item, then you have the potential to turn that item into a masterpiece and give it a whole new lease on life. Rustic Boutique gives you a piece of the past while still making relevant today.

By upcycling furniture not only are you reducing waste but in the older pieces of furniture you are getting quality craftsmanship which is something that is becoming increasingly harder to find.  A lot of the items that we sell are either vintage or collectables and thus not mass produced. Our furniture and a selection of our crafts and decor is hand crafted and painted so you are not going to find the exact piece anywhere else.

We also want to open people’s eyes to the possibilities out there to upcycle and reuse pieces and that’s why we are thrilled to be selling some really great lines of refinishing products and running workshops to teach people how to use them.

We sell a variety of treasures from upcycled furniture to hand made decor and crafts. We also sell unique vintage home wares and have a line of furniture painting and refinish products for sale which currently include Websters Chalk Paint Powder and L’essentiels Natural Finishing Waxes, towards the end of August we will be carrying a line of Milk Paint called Sweet Pickins which we are super excited about!! From our space we are also running paint workshops, currently we have two Websters Chalk Paint Powder workshops scheduled for Sat 23rd of August with another to follow approximately a fortnight later.

We source our bits and pieces all over the place. We travel around scouring antique and collectables fairs, we attend auctions and garage sales. I am constantly online checking out forums and sites that sell second hand items. Really we go where ever we can find what we are looking for. Custom work has been a huge hit. I have been booked up for weeks of late with custom work where people have a piece of their own that they want me to take and transform into something fresh and different. It is great seeing people becoming aware of the value of upcycling rather than just throwing things and buying brand new items.

We have opened a retail space in a self-contained shop room, Stall 484, inside The Amazing Mill Markets Ballarat. I really love sharing our upcycled treasures and pieces with people and being able to see how excited people get when they find something they love, some even send me pictures of the purchases in their homes, which is just so rewarding. I hope to be able to continue to share my passion for what I do through my shop and to be able to not only sell people these treasures but also inspire them creatively.

Rustic Boutique is Stall 484 at The Amazing Mill Markets Ballarat.

Rustic Boutique may also be found at their own Website, Facebook and Instagram.