The Day the Amazing Mill Markets Lived in the 70s!

August 26 2014

Over two thousand people took a trip to remember last weekend when The Amazing Mill Markets Geelong were ‘Living in the 70s’! The special one-day event attracted a huge crowd of people who were keen to experience (or relive?) the fashion, the music, the cars and so much more about that colourful decade.

Plenty of flared denim, maxi-dresses, floppy wide-brimmed hats and crocheted fashion were paraded around the venue by visitors on the day. One extremely green safari suit was known to be on view all day! Over $500 in Mill Markets Gift Vouchers were awarded to the winners of the Best and Runner-up 70s Dressed Male and Female attendees, as well as junior entrants.A debonair Ed Dolista and stylish Kelly Clifford were chosen as our Best Dressed 70s winners! Mill Markets’ owner, Mark Ward’s outfit was made truly 70s with a huge curly wig and even larger moustache….we don’t think it was his own!

Outside the venue, a fantastic array of vintage cars was assembled and attracted a lot of admiration from our visitors. The cars included Ford GTOs, Holden Torana’s and so many more makes and models from the era. These vehicles came to us courtesy of: Old Skool Street Cars Geelong, Geelong Classic Car Club and Geelong Revival Motoring Festival.

Inside, the crowd was entertained by three great draw-cards: DJ Max, Riversnake and The Amazing Mill Markets Retro Dancers. DJ Max, known to many Geelong-ites from his days at the Sundowner Hotel and Sugar’s, got the crowd on the dance floor by spinning some great 70s classics. Why, even some Mill Markets’ staff were seen doing the ‘Nut Bush City Limits’! Riversnake got everyone rocking and made certain they included some AC/DC in their tribute to 1970s rock music. Then between sets of DJ and live music, The Amazing Mill Markets’ Retro Dancers featuring Paula, Sharon, Lynley, Muzza and John brought down the house with an energetic dance routine, highlighted by a performance of ‘Greased Lightnin’’.

The day was not only a tremendous success, it was also a lot of fun! A huge ‘thank you!’ goes out to the car clubs, the performers and our staff who worked hard to make Livin’ in the 70s such a great event.

Rumour has it, that there might be another Amazing Mill Markets’ salute to a different decade coming real soon, so everyone keep those dancing shoes handy!