October 28 2014

What a wonderful way to pass three days – listening and dancing to great live music, seeing some exceptional vintage cars, judging the Best Dressed Competition – and that’s exactly what Mill Markets owner Mark Ward and our own Rockabilly girl Justine from Geelong did at the Amazing Mill Markets Camperdown Cruise Rockabilly Weekend.

The weekend started off with a bang when Mark decided to go and soak up the vibe around Camperdown and perhaps find something interesting to add to his already Amazing collection of memorabilia worthy of a museum.

Little did he know, but must have sensed, that he was about to cross paths with the car of his dreams – a canary yellow 1963 deluxe Chrysler Valiant. As he cruised around town, Mark spotted the yellow marvel being backed out of a residential driveway – and noticed that there was a FOR SALE sign tacked to the back window! He couldn’t believe his luck – this vehicle was almost exactly the same as the first car he had owned when he turned 18. Quick of thinking and action, Mark bought the car from the owner on the spot – and it was a very good thing he did, as this particular deluxe model is very rare.

Needless to say, the purchase of this Amazing classic car – which has the more powerful slant 6 motor with push button auto – was the cherry on the top of Mark’s Amazing weekend in Camperdown.

And you can see it for yourself at the Amazing Mill Markets in Geelong at our next exciting event to be held on the 7th December! More details on our latest theme day coming to you very soon!

Mark is as pleased as punch with his new toy!

Mark is as pleased as punch with his new toy!