Great News…Antiques With Attitude

September 7 2015


Great News!

Channel 31’s Antiques with Attitude featuring Dr. Geoff Crawford, Maggie Raworth and Mark Ward has been recognized by the station as one of the top ten shows presented this year. Quote by Channel 31 management ‘This show has become a flagship show for the station.’. It has been decided that Antiques with Attitude will feature twice a week at prime time for the next two seasons, but there will be major changes.

Our very own Amazing Mill Markets owner Mark Ward will now become a major part of the show. In his first series during his apprenticeship on television, it has become apparent to the production crew and management that Mark needs to take a major role in the show. He will now become a co-presenter with Maggie and Geoff introducing each show and featuring in several segments throughout. These being a longer lasting segment with Marko’s Museum, a new segment called Marko’s Yarns which will be about his experiences over the last 25 years, with some great stories. The show will also feature Mark going out into the countryside with Maggie and Geoff doing an Aussie picking segment. We must remember that Mark was a very successful and recognized picker for 25 years. Mark is quoted as saying that “When he needs a day off he goes and knocks on a few doors. As the old saying goes, it’s the thrill of the chase.”

Mark will also feature every week doing the ‘Mystery Object’ segment including presenting the prizes and finishing off the show telling the viewers what will be appearing the following week. We can’t leave out Mark’s faithful Australian Cattle Dog ‘Aussie’ as he will be making a few appearances. This show has been recognized by the TV industry as something that will go further.

Finally, when asked about the success that Antiques with Attitude is experiencing Mark is quoted as saying “For me this is something I just love to do and I can’t wait to get my teeth into it. I get a real buzz out of what I do in front of the camera.”. Stay tuned for more exciting news.