What an incredible Anzac Day long-weekend…

April 26 2016


Wow! What an amazing trading weekend for all of The Amazing Mill Markets venues, combined the three venues recorded 8,100 sales over the three days, with many higher priced items being sold resulting in trading records at all stores being broken. Mark Ward (AMM owner) said ‘all staff should be congratulated on doing such an incredible job. We did not stop at the sales desks with people cueing up all Anzac Day long weekend. Also Mark is ‘over the moon about all venues being fully booked-out with stallholders and all stores with waiting lists. This obviously signifies the success that The Amazing Mill Markets are experiencing. These results can only be achieved by having quality stallholders with great stock and amazing venues to trade from.’

Mark said ‘that we are coming into more exciting times, with a solid advertising campaign starting on radio soon, constant print advertising and the outstanding TV show Antiques With Attitude on Channel 31 that’ he is ‘a co-host of along with Dr. Geoffrey Crawford going to air in 4 weeks. The show will run for 8 episodes, featuring myself (Mark) in each, with some great stories and segments.’ Mark said ‘he is thrilled to be involved with this fabulous show, Antiques With Attitude has now been booked for another 8 episodes featuring later in the year. As the old saying goes – onwards and upwards, and thanks to the dedication by all associated with The Amazing Mill Markets.’