New Ambassador

March 3 2019

We are thrilled to announce that Alicia from Bonnies Farm House has joined the team of Mill Markets ambassadors. We look forward to working with Alicia in the near future and following along on her shopping and diy adventures.
Repost from Bonnies Farm House
GUESS WHAT guys!! I’m so excited to announce I’m a new ambassador for Mill Markets! What’s even better is you’re all coming shopping/thrifting with me once a month at one of their 3 locations. YES, that’s right we are going to go thrifting together via my stories! Bonnies farm house thrifting series at Mill Markets. You all enjoyed the last time I took you with me, so I thought why don’t we make this a monthly occurrence . You will see all the goodies on offer at all 3 locations and I will shop with a fun challenge each time, I will show you how you can decorate your home on a budget! And you never know maybe one day there might be a Bonniesfarmhouse stall.