COVID-19 Clarification of our Requirements Moving Forward  

October 30 2021

As we are all aware, the State will be reopening. 

Personally, I have made the decision that NO ONE will be allowed to enter any of our Mill Markets venues unless they are wearing a mask in a proper fashion.

This includes anyone that is exempt. Under the current laws, we are not in a position to invade peoples rights asking for proof of medical exemption. It is my view that people who are exempt should not be circulating in public places and most importantly, my venues while not wearing a mask. I will not be putting my managers, my employees, my Mill Markets Stallholders and the general public at any unnecessary risk. I must point out that people who do not wear masks are obviously the community’s most vulnerable to contracting the virus. These people who are exempt do have a right to not show their exemption but I have a right to refuse entry. So this issue does go both ways. Anyone that enters any of our venues not wearing a mask will be asked to leave.

Dine-in Regulations

All Dining-in cafe customers and cafe staff, must all be double vaccinated. Takeaway coffees and food are exempt from this regulation. Please note that all cafe customers must show proof of double vaccination status before dining in.


Moving forward the future will be challenging and it is so important for everyone to do everything possible to protect ourselves in the community.

Kind Regards,

Mark Ward