COVID-19 Update

October 31 2021

Dear Amazing Mill Market Customers,

In response to some confusion expressed by way of Social Media posts, I would like to clarify our Mask Wearing rules in all of our venues.

After a managers meeting this morning, it has become apparent that takeaway coffee and food is being consumed on the showroom floor of all our Mill Markets.

All managers observed yesterday that several people throughout the day were abusing the Covid Safe rules by walking around with empty coffee cups as an excuse to not wear their masks in a proper fashion.

It is frustrating for managers, staff and stallholders that a small majority are looking for these loopholes.

Effective immediately, all takeaway coffee and food must be consumed in our designated outdoor areas at all venues.

This will clarify the inconsistencies that were questioned on Social Media. 

These are temporary measures put in place to keep everybody safe.

No Mask, No Excuses.

Kind regards,

Mark Ward.