No Mask, No Entry

October 30 2021

Dear Amazing Customers,

Our Amazing Mill Markets reopened today with excitement and great success, with many thousands of customers coming through our doors.

Regrettably, we had a very small percentage of people unhappy with our COVID-19 entry requirements. This resulted in a few people entering our venues, against our requirements and showing their angst.

Sadly, this has resulted in personal phone calls to our Mill Markets owner, Mark Ward, including abuse in a threatening fashion. Mark has said that this is not to be tolerated, and is totally unacceptable. Mark’s aim is to do the best he possibly can to protect the wider community. This minority has threatened legal action, has threatened Mark personally, but he will not change his view. Mark has maintained, that it is imperative to protect the wider community. The monetary factor is secondary, to keeping everyone safe.

Many of the protesters have said they will be not be returning to the Amazing Mill Markets, if that is the case, this is a great result from Mark’s point of view.

Thank you to everyone that has made this weekend such a great success. We look forward to seeing your smiling eyes, throughout the week.

Mark Ward