The 1% are driving up our sales!

November 6 2021
Wow, what a day! Today has been our busiest and biggest trading day on record at the Amazing Mill Markets.
This comes off the back of a challenging week, where Mark’s stance on having a safe environment for his staff and customers has been met with a small minority threatening to boycott the Amazing Mill Markets and telling us we discriminate.
We will not change our COVID policies.
Having our busiest trading day ever today, suggests to us that our policy of keeping people safe is appreciated by the larger community.
Earlier this week, Mark spoke to Neil Mitchell on 3AW, airing his views on our mask policy. There is a link on our Facebook page if you would like to listen.
We have the support of Neill Mitchell, Victoria Police, legal experts and most importantly the majority of our customers.
It’s interesting that upon giving out his personal email address for people who oppose our decisions to have their voice heard, Mark did not receive a single complaint, however the faceless keyboard warriors continue with their disgraceful insults and personal attacks on our social media platforms.
So to those keyboard warriors, thanks for promoting our business and for spreading the word about our Amazing Mill Markets, we are enjoying being busier than ever!