Monthly Archive: December 2022

Record Breaking News!

December 30 2022

Since opening on Boxing Day, our two massive venues have seen 12320 happy customers file through our doors, in just five trading days. Our Sensational Geelong Venue experienced its best Trading day ever on Wednesday. And if that wasn’t enough, it broke that record again the very next day (Thursday) Not to be outdone, the…

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Museum Update in Issue #269 of the Local

December 19 2022

Check out the latest issue of The Local – Featuring a front page showcase of Mark Ward’s new bike showpiece – art Kyle Barnes (with a nod to the Bat Out of Hell cover…)       “WORK has begun to create a significant new attraction that’s projected to bring tens of thousands more visitors…

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Introducing the extremely rare Ruston Proctor Showman’s Road Locomotive

December 6 2022

Introducing the extremely rare Ruston Proctor Showman’s Road Locomotive. All of these items are currently secretly stored in one of Marks warehouses, awaiting to be on display at the Amazing Mill Markets Museum. Obviously covered in dust at the moment, they will be cleaned and polished to appreciate their pristine condition, as well as upgraded with…

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