Fright Night Geelong: Wrap Up

October 30 2023

Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in our biggest event ever.
The event was a HUGE success, a credit to all of our Amazing Stallholders. It is important for everyone to remember, while the night was a huge success, this has been great exposure and advertising for our Mill Markets. An estimated 4,800 customers flooded through our doors.
A large number of these “trick or treaters” were first time customers, we will be seeing the return visits from Saturday night for the next few months. We have done a fantastic job in showcasing our Amazing Mill Markets to thousands of new customers

Records Broken
– Highest $$$ Day Ever
– Highest Pages Ever
– Largest amount of customers through the door
– Cafe’s busiest day
– Most sticks of Fairy Floss given away (Previous, 0)

A BIG thanks to Nadine and Mars for doing most of the planning and organizing for the event. All of your ideas, planning, organisation and out of work hours made this night possible. You have both been working on this event to get new customers through our doors. This event was advertised through our social media, the success of the event has been made possible through your advertising and promotion!


Our decorators, Greg & Jude, Kim & George, Steve, Jack & Karen, Nadine & Lauren, Steen & Marie, Michelle, Justine, Mars, Tracey, Debbie, Susie Dosen & Simon, all did an Amazing job decorating our Mill, you all should be very proud. Our Pre-Event Lolly-Baggers, Nadine, Mars, Kim, Greg, Judy, Montana and Mel, you kept a lot of spooky kids happy!
Our counter staff on the night, Jodie, Kerrie, Lee, Michelle, Justine, Kim, Nadine, Vicki, Kaylene, Merryn, Rod, Susie and Yvonne, all did an incredible job serving our record number of Customers. Kim managed to give away a huge number of prizes, while Susan, Anne, Billy and Jude did a great job making sure we balanced and having all pages recorded.
Thank you to our lolly give-awayers – Susie, Keith, Greg, Jude, Sarah, Kim, Vicki and Rod. You put smiles on many faces! Our Fairy Floss experts Steen and Marie gave away 400 sticks of fairy floss to customers, a huge effort! Big thanks to Billy for picking up extra giveaway candy!

Our floor walkers and security, Ellenor, Adrian, Val, Sara & Zeeshan, Vlado, Merryn, Jacinta, Karen, Daniel, Sarah, Chris, Mahnya, Robert, Graham, Margaret, and Montana – Great job keeping everyone in line and safe! A big thank you to all our staff who dressed up!

Greg and Jude created our beautiful archway over the main staircase, as well as our fabulous photo area. Steve has hung an impressive amount of decorations, nothing seems to be too hard for Steve! Amy B and Lynda for doing a great job dressing up the outside area! Maka, Mars and Tenny for organising the facepainting and keeping many, many kids happy!
Thank you to the cafe staff (Emilee, Emily, Alana, Megan, Deb, Neal & Gaby) for handling a huge amount of customers and keeping everyone well fed and happy.

Thanks to our Dancing Witches and DJ, you all did a great job of entertaining our guests.
Everyone who handed out flyers outside of work hours, at local cafes, schools, noticeboards and the letter box drops – you all went above and beyond.

Maka and Cheryl for organising event posters to make adverting a breeze!

All of this wouldn’t have been possible of course without Mark Ward’s generous donation of $5,000 in prizes (including vouchers, toys, lollies and fairy floss). Thank you for the belief and opportunity to try something different. We appreciate your trust in us!

I am very sorry if I have forgotten anyone – this event took a large amount of planning and contributions from everyone at the Amazing Mill Markets.
Thank you everyone